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At Bemisu, we continually research the best food offerings available for our cats. We have tried many different brands and here is what we have found: Sphynx tend to have very delicate and sensitive stomachs and many of the dry foods in particular can be too rich for their systems. The most important thing to remember is that if you are weaning them from one brand or formula to another ALWAYS do it gradually. Start with 1/3 new formula mixed to 2/3 of their regular formula and then gradually mix in more of the new stuff over a one month period until they are completely on to the new. We have also recently experimented with several raw diets which are supposed to put a nice weight on them and reduce litter box deposits! 

We realize not everyone can make a commitment to RAW, and in those cases we recommend high quality brands of foods that reduce litter box use. Bemisu cats are fed Royal Canin dry kibble and we order it online at http://products.royalcanin.us/products.aspx?Animal=Cat. Shipping is free. Sphynx have a higher metabolism than most breeds and have more intense nutritional requirements that Royal Canine provides. We will provide you the specific formula that your kitten uses before he/she comes to live with you. 

Sphynx Diet
Raw feeding is a way to feed cats a more natural diet. By natural we mean bio-appropriate -- A diet that fits their true nutritional requirements. The benefits to your cat are enormous. And it isn't hard at all. Raw diets can be readily purchased frozen at pet stores, purchased online and delivered right to your door, or if you are a do-it-yourselfer, it can also be made at home. Cats are predators. They evolved eating a prey-based diet, and more importantly, eating that diet raw. Cooking degrades nutrients in meat, causing losses of vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Meat used in highly processed pet food is cooked at high temperatures and the nutrients lost must then be added back in. This supplementation is not exact, and there are nutrient losses which aren't always replaced.

Cats in the wild eat often eat the entire prey animal if it is small and will eat nearly everything except the intestines of a larger prey animal. This includes the bones of their prey, as raw bone is highly digestible and is their primary source of calcium. Cooking bone not only reduces the nutrients available but also makes the bone brittle and dangerous to ingest.

There are many raw options for your Sphynx.

Rad Cat: http://www.radfood.com

Nature’s Variety:  http://www.naturesvariety.com/products/cat

Better in the Raw for Cats: https://www.knowbetterpetfood.com/cat_food_better_in_the_raw

Homemade: http://feline-nutrition.org/nutrition/making-raw-cat-food-for-do-it-yourselfers

Additional Raw Resources:

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