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Bemisu YouTube

Come watch videos of Bemisu Sphynx cats in action on our youtube profile! You may even see your future friend there! 
Progressive Sphynx Alliance !

  The Progressive Sphynx Alliance - a club dedicated to the camaraderie of all Sphynx cat Breeders and Enthusiasts. The Progressive Sphynx Alliance consists of dedicated Sphynx Breeders and Enthusiasts committed to promoting and improving the Sphynx Breed through ethical breeding practices, continuing education and awareness.
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We Scan for HCM
About Bemisu Sphynx

Bemisu Cattery is committed to promoting, protecting, and improving the sphynx through continuing education and awareness. Bemisu sphynx are raised like family, with a lot of love and attention.

Our number one priority is the health of our kittens, followed closely by temperament and of course confirmation to the Sphynx breed standard. Our cats are scanned regularly for HCM by board certified cardiologists. Support breeders that scan, and do not buy from breeders that cannot provide documentation of scans!

Bemisu Sphynx Denver is a cooperative of small, hobby breeders working together to produce healthy, happy, well socialized kittens. Blake Gipson, Desiree Dixon and Courtney Will are working in Denver, with Angel Flohrs in Nebraska. Because we have few cats in our homes, working together allows us to share bloodlines and have enough cats to work with, while still being able to provide our cats with enough love and attention. We do not cage our cats, and always put the interests of our cats first. We do not cut corners, and all cats receive the very best veterinary care and are fed premium food.

We love our cats and care about every baby born in our homes. We also love the breed as a whole and are committed to the breed's welfare. There are a lot of new breeders springing up around the US, like any exotic pet, the breed is becoming exploited. Know the breeder you are getting a cat from, and make sure the welfare and health of their cats and kittens are important to them. These babies are treasures and should be treated as such!!!!

Here are some of the benefits of having a Bemisu kitten:

Your sphynx is guaranteed healthy and will have immunizations consistent with his/her age. 
(Bemisu is very concerned with the kittens well being, not only at the time of purchase, but through their entire life.We help to deliver them, supplement their mother's care, and have a substantial investment in them - time-wise, emotionally, as well as financially by the time they are ready to come to you).

Digital photos are provided during the adoption process so that you can be involved with their growth and personality; We know how exciting it is waiting in anticipation for your new one to arrive!

We stay in contact with you and continue to provide support and answer any questions you may have. We DO NOT sell you a kitten and forget about you!

Bemisu News

There are a lot of new things happening with Bemisu, in our continued efforts focusing on health and temperament 
we have added some outcrossed lines from Nudelook , in Italy and Paradais-Sphynx  and Sphynx Petit Kewells, in Spain. 
Check out our future queens and sires on the Bemisu Breeding Cats page.   

        We are planning upcoming litters!

We are excited for our upcoming shows:
Coatimondi Cat Club - Christmas in December show Dec. 5-7 - Tucson, AZ
Econo Cat Club - Happy New Year Cat Show - Jan. 3-4 Brighton, CO